SolPrint Store

SolPrint Store is a web-based Campaign Management Tool that provides a central suite of tools that enables Marketing departments to work collaboratively with stores and suppliers, monitoring each key stage of a campaign, from proof approval to display.

SolPrint Campaign Management Tool has been developed to improve efficiency and deliver cost savings throughout the campaign process.

To improve efficiency, it is important that key milestones are communicated, and expectations met. SolPrint Campaign Management Tool permits the stakeholder to build a schedule, which can be communicated or published via the application to all relevant parties and tracked, being in an informed position helps all parties buy into marketing’s expectations and deliver.

Proof approval is an important factor to any campaign, great design is important, but timelines need to managed ensuring that great design isn’t compromised or added cost occurred due to the proof approval lagging. The SolPrint Campaign Management Tool allows marketing users to manage the approval process. The approval team can view and respond to any Proofs via a mobile device without the need to login to the system reducing response times.

The SolPrint Campaign Management Tool is integrated with the Store Profiles so each item on the Campaign accurately identifies the required Print Run. This is used within the Estimating ITT/RFQ module to communicate requirements to relevant Print Suppliers, manage their responses and allow for informed selection on an item-by-item basis. A print specification is held against all campaign elements so request for quotes (RFQs) can be sent and approved before artwork approval is required. The DAMS (Digital Asset Management System) can publish artwork to print suppliers as soon as approved making sure correct versions are used. The power of the SolPrint Campaign Management Tool is the live integration with the Store Profile data associated to every print element so that accurate print runs and store allocations are produced, with the result that stores receive the correct products and quantities to display, supporting store compliance of the business message and ensuring the effort required to display printed material is not compromised, allowing store colleagues to focus on serving the customer.

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